Let's pack the Florida Supreme Court with our own judges

The politicians in Tallahassee are absolutley determined to stop the FairDistricts Amendments from taking effect. You won’t believe what they are doing.
They have sued to get us off the ballot (twice)...

They have put up a poison pill amendment to confuse voters...

They have snatched the amendments from the Justice Department to prevent the new rules from being approved.
Yet in each instance, the courts have protected the voters of Florida by rejecting these disruptive and malicious attacks by self-interested power brokers who will stop at nothing to block FairDistricts in Florida.

Since these politicians keep losing in court, they have a new idea: “Let's pack the Florida Supreme Court with our own judges.”

That's right. The Florida House voted Friday to allow Governor Rick Scott to hand pick new justices for the court so he and the other Tallahassee politicians can have their shenanigans rubber stamped. They have total disrespect for our democratic system of checks and balances and for the 3 million Florida voters who have demanded FairDistricts.

We cannot let them get away with this! We need your help to fight back!

Can you make a donation so we have the resources to stand up to these powerful and self interested politicians?

Since they do not like the calls they have been getting, they have decided to change the refs! They want judges who will blindly approve their self-serving districts and ignore the FairDistricts rules.

Passing Amendments 5 and 6 last November was critical, but we need your help today, because fairness is hanging in the balance and the stakes are higher than ever.

We must have the resources to fight back. We need to continue waging the strongest possible battle to make sure Florida’s legislature and our U.S. Congressional delegation are elected from seats that are drawn fairly.

We can’t let up! Please help us ensure that our FairDistricts Amendments are fully implemented. Please chip in today.

Jackie Lee

FairDistricts Now
Executive Director

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