Obama slams GOP for playing 'games' with economy, jobs

President Obama urged the Senate to pass his jobs act in a press conference Thursday, warning those who oppose his plan that "this is not a game" and telling senators that they would have to explain to voters their opposition to the bill.

The president said that "there is no doubt that growth has slowed" and called our congressional Republicans for playing "games" with the economy.

"As we look towards next week, any senator out there who would vote against this jobs act needs to explain why they're voting against something that will help," Obama said at a Thursday news conference.

The press event showed off the combative tone Obama has adopted since the August recess. He again cast himself as someone looking to cooperate with Republicans while insisting the GOP has refused to meet him half way. Obama has taken this stance even as he has demanded that Congress approve his jobs bill as it was written.

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