Judge Gisele Pollack Making Waves

Go, Gisele, Go! - there's at least one Broward judge who is fighting back against selective enforcement of the drug laws, detailed in this New York Times Editorial.  Gisele Pollack is working to get each and every cannabis case automatically diverted to her misdemeanor Drug Court division upon filing by the Clerk, no matter how bad a Defendant's prior record may be.  Those who qualify by statute and choose to stick with the program can get the charges dropped, while felons can earn a withhold if they follow through, keeping their driver's licenses and jobs in the process.  Howard Finkelstein has already signed off, but the SAO still hasn't agreed, hardly a surprise since Satz also remains the stumbling block in getting a DUI Diversion program in place in Broward like the ones in Palm Beach and Miami.

Here's what Pollack had to say when asked why she's pushing for widespread cannabis diversion:

"I don't want the disproportionate arrest factor being perpetuated in the criminal justice system any longer.  It bugs me.  It really does.  I want to eliminate it by giving every individual a fair opportunity to participate in a misdemeanor Drug Court program."Not much to add to that, except all judges need to listen up when Gisele's talking ...

        The pig says what?

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