Tell the Supreme Court to preserve the Voting Rights Act.

If the Supreme Court strikes down a key part of the Voting Rights Act this month, it’s going to be open season on voting rights.
Section 5 of the Act requires states with histories of racial discrimination to get Justice Department approval before changing their voting laws. It’s a necessary check on politicians seeking to disenfranchise people who aren’t likely to vote for them.
Now the high Court – dominated by conservatives – is deciding whether to get rid of that section of the law altogether, giving Republicans carte blanche to deny voting rights to millions of citizens.
The ruling could come at any time, so we have to show the Court where we stand on this right now.
The right to vote shouldn’t vary depending on what state you live in, but we’ve seen what Republican governors are willing to do to stack the deck in their favor.
They are using their control of state capitols to limit early voting windows, complicate voter registration efforts, and generally make it as difficult as possible for Democrats to cast a ballot.
Just this week Nevada’s Republican governor vetoed a common sense bill expanding the voter registration window in his state.
The bottom line is that if the Supreme Court overturns this key part of the historic Voting Rights Act, it would give Republicans even more leeway to pass new voter suppression laws. We can’t let that happen.
I wish we were past the year 1965 when it comes to voting rights, but sadly Republicans have demonstrated that they can’t be trusted to protect the democratic process.
I’m not going to sit idly by while they take away our rights, and I know you won’t either.
Lis Smith
Democratic Governors Association

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