Wasserman Schultz on Senate TrumpCare CBO Score

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23) issued the following statement in response to today’s Congressional Budget Office score on the impacts of the Senate’s TrumpCare legislation:

“Now we know just how mean this ‘mean’ Senate tax cut bill masquerading as health care legislation truly is. According to the Congressional Budget Office analysis, the Senate bill will leave 22 million more people without coverage, raise costs and steal key coverage protections from tens of millions more Americans. It’s a financial and health care horror show that will impact over 70,000 citizens in my district alone over the next decade.

While millionaires and billionaires reap huge tax breaks, older middle-class Americans will suffer under a crushing ‘age tax.’ The victims of this legislation cross every part of our community: seniors, veterans, children, pregnant women, people with pre-existing conditions, and those living in nursing homes, even hospitals and state taxpayers, will all be worse off.  Senators should listen to the medical professionals and patient advocacy groups who are united in saying this bill will do nothing but make America sicker and poorer and vote against it.”

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